Our Educational Tour Travel Expectations: FAQs

Although each of our student travel tours is unique, flexible and customized towards each school’s curriculum, there are similar tour travel expectations we meet on each and every trip, to ensure 100% client satisfaction, whether you’re travelling to New York or London, England!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers we encounter prior to the launch of each tour. If you don’t see your question here, please reach out to us at (888) 554-2243 or email us at info@son-tours.com. Our representatives will be glad to help!

Does Son Tours Only Assist with the Planning Process?

Son Tours is a full-service educational tour operating company. We strive to meet your tour travel expectations from the moment you call us for a quote and a sample itinerary! When you begin your partnership with us, we’ll work with you to craft a unique trip that meets your budget, time and curricular needs.

Additionally, we assist with pre- and post-tour needs, including handling parent invoices, hosting an informational parental question-and-answer session at your school, and more. Most importantly, we also assist with the execution of our uniquely-planned tours: one of our experienced representatives will travel with your group 24/7 to handle any situation that might arise!

Will My Group Travel Alone?

No, when you book one of our tours, you will never travel alone. While we do recommend sending one parent/teacher chaperone on the trip for every eight students, we will also assign you with a Son Tours experienced representative to ensure that your tour expectations are met. This person will serve as your convenient point-of-contact from the moment the tour begins to the moment you arrive back home.

This means that whether you’re boarding a tour bus or whether you’re flying into your city of choice, we will meet you when you arrive! You will be introduced to your Son Tours representative and your local, experienced tour guide from the moment you arrive/land – and we will escort you to each location afterward.

Meal Expectations & Tipping: Are All Meals Included In Each Trip?

Each itinerary is different and includes different meal variations; however, most breakfasts and dinners (with the exception of arrival/departure days) are included, while lunches are often not. For this reason, we generally recommend that each student bring at least $10 per lunch and $15 for each dinner that is not included.

If we arrange for your group to have breakfast at the hotel, cafeteria or food court, we will give you the time and location of when and where the breakfast will take place. Please encourage all students to eat each meal.

Are There Additional Travel Tipping Expectations?

We include a paid gratuity for each of our guides and bus drivers on our tour. However, we do suggest conducting a collection or a tip to present to each individual your group is satisfied with, which will be given to that person on the last day of your tour. Son Tours’ general guideline for tips is $1 per person, per day.

How Much Spending Money Should Our Students Bring?

While we leave this choice primarily up to the parents, we generally recommend that each student bring $75 – $100 for spending money that they can use during shopping trips or when buying souvenirs. Please note that this will vary for international educational tours, as the exchange rate for various types of currency will differ.

How Do You Assist with Hotel Accommodations?

Son Tours strives to go above and beyond for our customers. For this reason, our tour travel expectations extend to assisting with the entire process of obtaining, securing and working with your hotel accommodations, which are always deluxe, comfortable, and of the highest-quality.

We essentially take care of the entire process, from checking the rooms beforehand to ensure that they meet the cleanliness standards of each hotel, to ensuring that there are no adjoining rooms for opposite genders. While each hotel does have its own security, we go above and beyond and place our private security on every other floor of the hotel your students are staying at, ensuring that we are prepared for any situation that might arise.
Additionally, your Son Tours representative will handle any questions you might have about the hotel – this includes handling reservations, handing out room keys – even giving you Wi-Fi passwords! This ensures that you won’t have to call the front desk anytime you have a question – you’ll only have to reach out to your representative, who will also be staying at the same hotel for easy access.

Do Your Tours Allow for Spare Time?

Depending on the group leader and itinerary chosen, your students will have some time allotted to relax or to utilize as they see fit. This time might include shopping, spending time at the hotel, or otherwise. We strongly recommend that students have an adult chaperone with them at all times, no matter what the activity may be.

Schools can also utilize this time to give students worksheets or other items for students to complete, enabling you to enhance your curriculum while on tour. Let us know what you’d like your students to work on beforehand, and we will fit these tour travel expectations into your customized tour itinerary.

What If I Want to Change My Tour at the Last Minute?

Son Tours prides itself on flexibility and customization – meaning if it can be changed, we’ll change it – whether you give us the request the night before or the day of the change. And if you tell us about your specific curriculum, we may be able to design tours that will impact and shape the minds of your students who are already learning about these topics – from guides dressed in costume delivering theatrical accounts of important historic events to guiding your students through specific sites rich in history, such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Boston’s Old North Church and even the Chateau De Versailles in France.

Does Son Tours Have Set Curfews?

Your group leader will set a curfew for your students based on your itinerary, and it will typically between 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.; however, there are exceptions (e.g. dinner cruises or Broadway plays) that may cause these curfews to be extended.

How Can Parents Reach Their Children During a Tour?

We treat our tour participants like responsible young adults. For this reason, our tour travel expectations extend to allow our students to bring cell phones on our tours, enabling them to reach their parents at any time. However, we do ask that students respect their chaperones, tour guides and group leaders and do not use these cell phones anytime that is not appropriate (e.g. while on a guided tour or in the middle of a play).

For those embarking on international tours, only students with international phone plans or satellite phones will be able to call their parents directly. In these situations, we will equip your group leader with a phone that can take and make international calls, enabling parents to reach their children at any time, day or night.

How Does Son Tours Handle Emergencies?

Son Tours places a high value on maintaining student travel safety. If your student experiences an emergency, your Son Tours representative – who is highly-trained in emergency preparedness – will alert the parent(s) of the child and will work with the on-site security personnel to assess the situation at hand and to determine if it should escalate to the next level. From minor situations, such as sleepwalking students, to emergency situations, such as natural disasters that may occur, such as floods or hurricanes – we’ve got you covered!

Will I Have Trip Insurance? If So, What Does It Cover?

Our tour travel expectations are designed to cover unexpected accidents and illnesses that may occur while your group is under our care. For this reason, all of our overnight packages include insurance that covers the following items:

  • $25,000 emergency evacuation/repatriation
  • $5,000 accident/sickness, emergency dental and travel assistance
  • $500 travel delay

This also covers any medical expenses that reasonably cause a trip to be cancelled or interrupted. For more information about your tour insurance, please download our enrollment form or speak to our representatives.

Have more questions about your tour travel expectations, tipping, meal planning, or more? Or are you ready to receive a customized quote for your upcoming tour? Call (888) 554-2243 or request a quote online!