French Immersion Programs Present France in a New Light

Son Tours’ French immersion programs give student travel groups the chance to explore France, the country that is home to the language they are studying. With our customizable itinerary, you can choose which activities are best suited to your student group. Admire world-famous attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, or enjoy delicious French cuisine during a dinner cruise on the Seine River.

Our language immersion tours allow students to take their language-based learning outside of the classroom and use it in real-world scenarios. Surrounding students with French culture will give them the opportunity to put their linguistic skills to the test while fostering deeper engagement with the French language lessons they received in school.

Student Tours of France Offers a Variety of Cultural Experiences

Tour groups are assigned a Son Tours guide who is fluent in French and is responsible for escorting students as they travel to their chosen destinations, where they will gain first-hand experience with day-to-day life in France. As students take part in the French immersion program, they will not only enjoy their time sightseeing, they will continue to learn about the language and rich French culture with each new encounter.

France has served as the site for many major historical and cultural events, from revolutions to art movements and world wars to world-famous bike races. With its deep history and colorful culture, the country has a lot to offer student travel groups. At Son Tours, our team of representatives and guides are experts in creating a fun, educational and safe experience for all of our tour groups.

If you are interested in our French immersion tours, call us today at (800) 416-8212 or contact us online to speak with a Son Tours representative for more information on international student tours.