International Travel Planning with Son Tours

A trip to another country is exciting – but international travel planning can seem overwhelming. That’s why the team at Son Tours promises to do as much as possible to ensure that your group trip is successful. In addition to developing a customized itinerary to help meet your curriculum objectives, we will use our more than 80 years of experience and expertise to give your group helpful international travel preparation tips.

Once you’ve chosen a destination – whether it be Greece, Italy, Canada, France or the UK – a Son Tours representative will conduct a free meeting in-person at your school to ensure parents and group leaders know what to expect. Many will have questions about insurance coverage, safety and security, as well as payment options – we will have all the answers they need!

Plus, we post plenty of international travel preparation materials online, such as packing guides, tour safety information and the helpful checklist below – so students can access them at anytime! If you’d like to speak with a Son Tours representative about international travel planning, call us today at (800) 416-8212 or contact us online.

International Travel Preparation Checklist

Our reputable educational tour company wants to ensure you have everything you need on your trip – to get you started on your international travel preparation, check out our helpful tips below!

  • Have your passport ready: Make sure students have a current passport, or enough time to get one before the trip.
  • Bring money to exchange: Son Tours will help with exchanging currencies in your destination country, but we do recommend that parents, group leaders and students research the exchange rate as part of their international travel planning, so that everyone brings an appropriate amount.
  • Speak the language: Students don’t have to be fluent, of course, but knowing a few choice phrases (such as, “Hello,” “Thank you,” “Where can I find…?”) will help immensely throughout the trip – a dictionary will be useful too!
  • Bring an electrical converter: Charging devices or using electronics (such as a hair dryer) can be tricky overseas – it’s helpful to bring an electrical convertor or adaptor and to check the voltage on each device to ensure it will function at your destination.
  • Have a communication plan: Your Son Tours representative will always have a working phone, no matter where your destination. This means that parents will always have a point-of-contact through which they can speak with their children in case of emergencies. However, students’ cell phones will not always work in foreign countries and making calls can be very expensive. Parents and their children should come up with a plan regarding when and how they expect to contact each other during the trip.
  • Have knowledge of customs and etiquette: As part of your international travel preparation, we recommend a general understanding of local culture – it can help students feel more comfortable knowing what is appropriate and what’s not in their destination country.
  • Take comfy shoes and a useful bag or backpack: You will walk a lot during your trip – especially if you are travelling to Europe! Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, as well as a bag to keep belongings in while you are journeying from one point of interest to the next.

There’s no better way to travel as a group than with Son Tours – just ask our clients! Through our diligent and expert service, we’ve maintained a more than 95% client retention rate and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Choose us for your next trip, and let us help with all of your international travel planning – request a quote online or call us at (800) 416-8212 today!

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