Just wanted to send you a thank you for the wonderful time in New York City. The kids, adults, myself thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Darcy M., Lawton High School

I just wanted to let you know how much my son and I enjoyed our recent trip to Washington, DC with your tour company. May the Lord continue to bless your company, keep your drivers and guides safe and allow us the good fortune to return on a trip with Son Tours in the future.

Parent from Trion Middle School

Thanks again for a wonderful trip to NY City! Our students and their parents were truly satisfied.

Headmaster, Norlina Christian School

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making our trip to Washington, DC such a success. The care which you took in planning our activities and in arranging our lodging and meals was clearly evident. All aspects of our stay were superb. You did a fantastic job. The students enjoyed themselves. The parents were impressed with the quality of your work. Thank you for making my job as group leader so easy! I look forward to traveling with you again.

Pam N, Andrew Jackson Middle School

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to make this year’s Washington, DC trip amazing and a complete success! I think the silly teacher chaperones had as much fun as the kids. It really was a pleasure working with you this year. Until next year….
Thanks for everything,

Christa S, Andrew Jackson Middle School

Thank you so much. All of us attending the trip to Atlanta have been singing your prasises since our return!! Everything was so organized and personable. We had a great visit and your Son Tours staff were the greatest hosts a group could ever have!! Thank you so much!

Rachel S, Ray D Molo School

Thanks for an outstanding trip to Washington, DC again this year. We look forward to working with you all again next year. Have a safe and happy year. Good luck.

Troy K, Cardington Middle School

We are back safe and sound with no one lost, sick or injured. I have waited to write to you because of extreme exhaustion. The kids always do better than the adults on these trips with their endless energy.
Everything was wonderful – better than last year even. The hotel was great and the kids enjoyed the pool for an hour and a half. I have no idea where they got the energy for that. The bus was clean and the drivers were very nice as well.

I guess the highlight for all was the unexpected meeting of Bob Dole. He was participating at a ceremony near the Korean Monument. My little granddaughter, Rachel, staunch Republican at the age of 9, recognized him immediately and actually had her picture taken with him.

I have sent out comment sheets to everyone that went and have had nothing but great reviews of the trip. Once again you have made this experience a pleasurable and educational experience for all of us.

Joyce N, East Clayton Elemetary

On behalf of all our students and the parents who accompanied them on the DC trip, I want to thank you for leading such an excellent tour! I felt that this has been the best tour experience our students have enjoyed in years. I so deeply appreciated your attention to detail and willingness to accompany our group through thick and thin, through sunshine, snow or torrential deluge.

How refreshing to deal with professionals who plan well and see service as their primary goal. You served so well with your choices of guide and driver and provided such an outstanding tour. The entire group was so pleased.
I want to personally thank you for a job well done! You were most patient with our many faxes, requests and worries. You truly did all you promised to do and renewed my faith in touring. You were truly a gift to our school. I pray that God will bless you as you have been such a blessing to us!

Principal, Bethlehem Lutheran School

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of Washington, DC – words cannot express how grateful we are to you and your staff at Son Tours. We want to thank you for the care and reassurance Son Tours provided us. Any questions or reservations we had, were handled professionally and promptly whenever we contacted you. This was a tremendous help to all concerned parties.

The professionalism we witnessed by Son Tours was impressive. From the moment we arrived at Reagan Airport in DC until the time we departed, your company delivered excellent service. We were very fortunate to find in this day and age, such an outstanding company with such high integrity and standards. Everything that Son Tours quoted was delivered to us above and beyond our expectations.

Our tour guide was incredible! He was extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the subject matter he was explaining. We were impressed by his ability to keep the interest of the students and he did a fantastic job throughout the tour!

And last but not least we thank our Son Tours escort who took the time to stand in line for tickets so we did not have to. Thanks for always being one step ahead of us so the tour went smoothly. And thanks for making sure everything was perfect.

The care and professionalism you and your staff have shown us, indicates what a top-notched company you have.

Fee free to have any group contact us for a recommendation. We would highly recommend Son Tours to any group interested in a school tour. We look forward to many future tours!

Barbara B, Marion County School

Thank you so much for postponing my billing date for the DC trip. I have tried very hard to bring my grades up to above a C. I think that I am really going to have a lot of fun in Washington, I’m really glad that I am going to go.
P.S. My parents really appreciate it too, because the want me to go, but my grades had to be acceptable.

Student, Burton, Michigan

I would like to express my sincere gratefulness to both of you for two very successful trips. My students had a great time on both trips and learned more than they ever dreamed. I appreciate the organization and the smoothness of the trips. Every year your quality of business and professional attitude shows through. Thanks again and I look forward to many more exciting adventures.

Michelle M, Pepperell Middle

As a “Non-traveler”, I have found Son Tours to be the only way to take a school trip! So many of my students have benefited from the economical, yet educational service provided by Son Tours. You make everything so easy – from money collection to meals to hotels to security. You think of everything! I especially enjoy the personal service from the well-trained and eager staff.

Tia H, South Central Middle School

We would like to offer our thanks to Son Tours for a wonderful class trip to Washington, DC. The trip was very fun and educational for our students, and they enjoyed learning about the important history of our nation through visits to the various museums and monuments. The trip’s itinerary was comprehensive and well organized, and your professional staff at Son Tours provided an exceptional experience for us and our students which we will always remember. We look forward to planning future class trips with Son Tours.

Mr. Eddie Diaz, Kings Ridge Christian

I wanted to thank you for the recent tour Knightstown had of Washington, DC. As I learned from last year’s tour, you do things first class all the way. I want you know that I will participate in any tours with your company that I can. In fact, I’d go again next week!

Parent, Knightstown Intermediate