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Thank you so much. All of us attending the trip to Atlanta have been singing your praises since our return!! Everything was so organized and personable. We had a great visit and your Son Tours staff were the greatest hosts a group could ever have!! Thank you so much!

Rachel S.,
Ray D. Molo School

I want to thank you for leading such an excellent tour! I felt that this has been the best tour experience our students have enjoyed in years. How refreshing to deal with professionals who plan well and see service as their primary goal. You truly did all you promised to do and renewed my faith in touring.

Bethlehem Lutheran School

Thank you for making my job as group leader so easy! The care which you took in planning our activities and in arranging our lodging and meals was clearly evident. The parents were impressed with the quality of your work. I look forward to traveling with you again.

Pam N.,
Andrew Jackson Middle School

We thank our Son Tours escort who took the time to stand in line for tickets so we did not have to. Thanks for always being one step ahead of us so the tour went smoothly. And thanks for making sure everything was perfect. The care and professionalism you and your staff have shown us, indicates what a top-notched company you have.

Barbara B.,
Marion County School

Future makers, innovators, inventors, creators, and other pursuers of STEM fields should do more than just study from a textbook. Give your students a glimpse into their possible future careers and let them see science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in action with educational tours for STEM students. Son Tours offers STEM students the chance to experience these exciting and innovative fields by traveling to some of the most interesting museums, laboratories, universities, and more all over the country.

US Tours for STEM Students – Boston

Boston may be home to some of the country’s most famous historical and literary sites, but it is also home to multiple science museums, laboratories, and universities geared towards STEM research and innovation. With museums like the Boston Museum of Science, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the MIT Museum, the Discovery Museum, and the Waterworks Museum – all in and around Boston – students can learn about various facets of the broad fields within STEM, including civil engineering, architecture, physics, and so much more. Furthermore, students can go on tours that include the various labs at MIT and Boston University.

To learn more about our Boston tours, click here. If you are ready to create a customized educational tour for your STEM students, contact us to get started!

US Tours for STEM Students – Philadelphia

The sciences are right at home in Philadelphia, where students can explore discoveries in biology, ecology, chemistry, and more. The Franklin is an excellent place to start, with unique exhibitions that show STEM in real-world applications (such as one exhibit that explained STEM’s role in Pixar films!), along with an immersive, 60-foot-diameter planetarium. Nurture the budding chemists in your classes with a trip to the Chemical Heritage Foundation Museum, a space outlining the historically significant chemical breakthroughs alongside modern applications of chemistry. Guide your students through an exploration of the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University for an immersive experience in biology and ecology.

These and many other interesting STEM experience await your students in Philadelphia. For more information on Philadelphia tours, click here. If you are ready to start planning your Philadelphia educational tour for STEM students, contact us!

US Tours for STEM Students – New York City

Sir Isaac Newton’s “apple moment” may not have happened in the US, but the Big Apple is a great place for inspiration to strike your eager STEM students. Within the city itself, there are numerous scientific and technological sites and museums, not to mention the engineering marvels that exist within the city. For starters, the city is home to an immense, interactive science museum: the New York Hall of Science. Furthermore, you can engage your students in understanding biology and ecology at the American Museum of Natural History. At the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, students can explore engineering marvels such as ships, shuttles, and planes, including the Concorde Alpha Delta G-BOAD, which is a jet that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in just under 3 hours. In areas surrounding the city, there are also various laboratories and universities, including Brookhaven Labs and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

Take a look at our New York City tours for more information. If you’re ready to begin planning your New York City educational tour for STEM students, contact us here.

US Tours for STEM Students – Orlando

Disney and Universal Studios aren’t the only reasons to plan a visit to Orlando. This city is chock full of interactive museums, like WonderWorks, an inverted museum of fantastic stories combined with areas highlighting the science behind light and sound, natural disasters, space, and more. With plenty of zoos, aquariums, and wilderness sites, Orlando is rich with ecological experiences as well. For the space enthusiasts and aspiring astronautical engineers in your class, the Kennedy Space Center is a necessary and exciting stop, where students can explore the past and potential future of space exploration.

For more information on our customizable Orlando tours, click here. Want to get started? Contact us here to start planning an educational tour in Orlando for your STEM students.

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