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Thank you so much. All of us attending the trip to Atlanta have been singing your praises since our return!! Everything was so organized and personable. We had a great visit and your Son Tours staff were the greatest hosts a group could ever have!! Thank you so much!

Rachel S.,
Ray D. Molo School

I want to thank you for leading such an excellent tour! I felt that this has been the best tour experience our students have enjoyed in years. How refreshing to deal with professionals who plan well and see service as their primary goal. You truly did all you promised to do and renewed my faith in touring.

Bethlehem Lutheran School

Thank you for making my job as group leader so easy! The care which you took in planning our activities and in arranging our lodging and meals was clearly evident. The parents were impressed with the quality of your work. I look forward to traveling with you again.

Pam N.,
Andrew Jackson Middle School

We thank our Son Tours escort who took the time to stand in line for tickets so we did not have to. Thanks for always being one step ahead of us so the tour went smoothly. And thanks for making sure everything was perfect. The care and professionalism you and your staff have shown us, indicates what a top-notched company you have.

Barbara B.,
Marion County School

Educational History Tours in the United Kingdom

Royalty, mystery, glory, chaos—the history of the United Kingdom has it all and more. From before the first incidence of the English language to the present day, your students will have an incredible amount of history and knowledge at their fingertips during a student trip to the UK. An assortment of museums and the British Library offer exhibits and documents for European history students to explore, along with several significant historical sites, such as Stonehenge and the Churchill War Rooms. So much history has happened in the United Kingdom, and so much of that history is still there to explore.

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European History Trips in France

France is home to hundreds of historical sites for students to visit including the Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe, and more. Many historical figures are buried in France and, as the center of several tumultuous historical eras, like the French Revolution and both World Wars, there are numerous historical sites for students to tour and learn about. Take your European history classes back in time to an era where kings ruled and knights were always in search of glory by visiting gothic cathedrals and medieval castles. Plus, students can even see cave paintings and more from before recorded history. From prehistoric times to the modern era, France has so much rich history for students to explore on a European history trip.

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History Tours in Italy for Students

Italy is brimming with a wealth of history and culture. Bring European history students back through time to the Roman Empire, allowing them to explore the ruins in the modern cities of Rome, Venice, and Florence, or let them tour the well-preserved lost city of Pompeii. Visit the lands where famous figures like Machiavelli and Dante Alighieri lived, and where ancient Roman empires rose and fell. Students can tour the magnificent landmarks and museums for a hands-on education about everything from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance. With Italy’s rich living history and extraordinary landmarks, your students will have endless opportunities to learn about multiple eras of European history.

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Educational History Trips in Greece

With thousands of years of history to explore, Greece has a lot to offer European history students. Ancient Greece comes to life in the various shrines, temples, and other monuments to this culturally rich civilization. Here, students can also learn about the Byzantine, Mycenaean, and other notable civilizations that also occupied the area at one point or another. Students can learn about the literature and legends that came out of Greece, explore the vast archaeological sites, and peruse the wondrous artifacts in numerous museums.

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Customizable European History Tours for Students

Son Tours plans safe, affordable school trips to Europe that are hassle-free, led by experienced and licensed student tour operators, and customizable to your curriculum! Ready to find out more about the variety of educational trips and student tours we offer for European history students? Give us a call at (800) 416-8212 or fill out our quick online contact form.

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