Tours for U.S. History Classes

History is more than just words on a page. Give students the opportunity to experience U.S. history with tours of important cities rich with stories from the past. Son Tours offers experiences for key points in American history, including the Revolutionary War, the founding of America, and the Civil War.

History of America Tours – Colonial America

The sprawling cities and technological advancements of today are a far cry from the modest beginnings of the United States. Touring to understand U.S. history can offer a window into the past in places like Williamsburg, where students can visit the first permanent English settlement in the Americas and see how colonists lived in the Colonial era. Another excellent destination for students learning about Colonial America is Philadelphia, where U.S. history tours can take them through Amish Country, Benjamin Franklin’s print shop, and various other pre-revolutionary landmarks.

American History Travel Tours – The American Revolution

The fight for American independence from British rule is a defining point in U.S. history. Arrange tours in any of a number of history-filled cities from Boston and Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. and give students the opportunity to see the sites where these pivotal events unfolded. For details on these tours for U.S. history classes, click here.

Touring to Understand U.S. History – The Civil War

Considered the bloodiest war ever to occur on American soil, the Civil War split the country in two. On tours to understand U.S. history, students can explore Charleston, where the first official shots of the Civil War rang out; Tennessee, the state where the second highest number of battles took place; Atlanta, the location of a key turning point in the war; and Savannah, the city Sherman’s troops occupied during their March to the Sea. For more information on these tours, click here.

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