US Travel Preparation Tips from Son Tours

Travelling with Son Tours is easy – our experienced team is with you every step of the way, from the start of the planning process to the end of the trip. But we still want your group to feel at ease and fully-prepared for the trip ahead, no matter which destination you’ve decided to explore.

To help you do so, we’ve assembled a number of US travel preparation tips, which can help ensure that your students are ready for anything. To get you started on your US travel planning, students and group leaders should use this checklist to ensure they have everything necessary for their trip. Be sure to bring:

  • A form of identification: Travelers over the age of 18 should have a form of picture ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.), whether travelling by plane or motor coach.
  • Cell phone: Son Tours does allow cell phones on trips. Though group leaders have the final say on how often they can be used, cell phones are great tools for students to keep in touch with parents, when appropriate.
  • Money: Students should bring money for personal expenses, shopping opportunities and meals. For US tour preparation, we generally recommend about 75 to 100 dollars for the trip, depending upon the parents’ wishes.
  • Luggage: When travelling by air, we recommend a checked bag and one carry-on bag or purse. Travelers should be prepared to pay the luggage fee for checked bags at the airport, and be aware that checked bags cannot exceed 50 pounds without incurring another fee. Remember to bring seasonally-appropriate clothing, a handy bag or backpack, and comfortable walking shoes.
  • Any necessary medications or prescriptions: We suggest placing these items in your carry-on bag, if travelling by plane, as checked bags can end up delayed.
  • Schoolwork: Depending upon the group leader, some groups will be given accompanying worksheets and other assignments to complete throughout the trip, as student experiences relate to the curriculum.

For more tips on what to pack during your US travel preparation, download our full packing list here. Looking for more information? Call Son Tours today at (800) 416-8212 or contact us online to learn more about US travel planning, what to expect during a standard trip, how we ensure tour safety for each group, and more.

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Our Team Helps Make US Travel Planning Easy

No matter which of our many exciting domestic destinations your group travels to, you’ll want to not only feel prepared for the trip, but also that you’re surrounded by a group of professionals you can trust. In addition to offering many US travel planning tips before your tour, your Son Tours representative will be there during your trip to help make any necessary, last-minute decisions, ensure the comfort and safety of your group, and much more.

Our team understands the dos and don’ts of US travel preparation, thanks to our more than 80 combined years in the business. To help you during the preparation process, our representatives will conduct a free meeting with parents and group leaders before the trip to go over the itinerary, give helpful packing tips, explain the billing process, and answer any questions. This meeting, in addition to the many materials we provide, such as our tour information document, will help group leaders, parents and school officials understand the trip process, while also giving students tips for domestic travel planning catered to their destination, whether it be New York City, Washington, D.C., or Boston, or any of our many other fascinating cities.

Our educational travel company maintains a greater-than 95% client retention rate, thanks to our customized itineraries, private security personnel, easy payment options and much more. To learn more about US travel planning with Son Tours, call us today at (800) 416-8212. You can also request a quote online now!